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Meet Tiffanie

My Jamaican upbringing taught me to keep expenses low in order to save and invest. Then I learned how to accumulate wealth by real estate and stock market investing. I can teach you how to build wealth by increasing income, saving and investing. Building wealth doesn't need to be complicated or out of reach! 

Your Key To Wealth

Building wealth takes money, time and Education. As a real estate investor and broker Tiffanie Vendryes has learned what it takes to build wealth. Real estate combined with long term stock market investing has proven to be a reliable method for success.  Here you will learn how you can grow your net worth and Live Richer.

What will you do once you have accomplished your net worth goals. For me it was travel more and experience delicious foods. I live for Caribbean, Latin, Asian and Italian food.  Check out the videos below for my tips and experiences with money and travel. 


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