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Seller Communication and Affiliates

Tiffanie Vendryes, LLC is a company built on the principles of service, knowledge and integrity. In order to better serve our clients Tiffanie Vendryes, LLC urges new clients to review communication practices, and recommended partners.

Seller Disclosure – It is vital for the seller to disclose all pertinent information to the Realtor. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Roof leaks or known issues
  • Presence of mold
  • Tenant nonpayment or repeatedly late payments
  • Code Violations
  • City or County Lien
  • HOA Lien
  • Open Permits   

If the seller conceals information from the Realtor in an effort to make the property more marketable. This can and usually does become a serious issue once a buyer has expended funds on an inspection, loan application, title search, appraisal and survey.

Recommended Specialist – Tiffanie Vendryes, LLC prefers to work with companies who share our business principles: service, knowledge and integrity. Below you will find specialist we’ve done business with and appreciate their efficiency in communication and service first style of business.

The Escrow Agent of choice is Trident Title. They are communicative, friendly and have a lawyer available ensure legal compliance.

Glenda Bush-Walker | Branch Manager

Trident Title, A Division of LandCastle Title Group, LLC

Proud Members of the Fidelity National Family of Companies

2005 Vista Parkway, Suite 100 | West Palm Beach, FL  33411

Ofc 561-515-2933 | Fax 561-686-6111 |

All of the information contain herein are simply the recommendations of Tiffanie Vendryes, LLC. The seller is always in full control of whom they chose to use throughout the selling process.

Revised 03-31-2019

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